Kentucky Fried ChickenThe first Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet opened in Guildford in Sydney’s western suburbs on 27th April 1968, with a staff of 25. It was opened by a Canadian named Bob Lapointe  and started the fast food revolution in Australia. The line at launch was “finger-lickin’ good”.

By January 1970, when Colonel Sanders visited Australia, there were 38 stores and they were opening at the rate of one a week. The company said they hoped to have 180 stores operating by the end of 1973. Stores were controlled by franchise holders. The parent company said at the time that they hoped that Kentucky Fried Chicken would become the first billion dollar food organisation in the world by the end of the 1970s.

The launch commercial, shot at the Guildford store, featured marching girls and all the fun of the fair.