Beefless days announced in pressNewspapers throughout Australia announced on 16 January that “The eating of beef as well as selling or buying it on a beefless day is prohibited in a formal order issued tonight by the Minister for War Organisation of Industry (Mr J. J. Dedman) to give effect to the Government’s decision to fix two beefless days weekly”. Although full meat rationing was not introduced until 1944, beefless days were instituted as a wartime measure. No more than two beefless days were to be declared in a week and it was expected that one of those would be Friday. (At this time, the Catholic custom of eating fish on Friday was still very common.)  The order applied to “veal and all fresh, chilled, frozen or salted or canned beef, ox tongue, ox tails, cooked beef, or sausages containing beef or any other manufactured products containing beef”.